The Generation Y Conservative Podcast #6

The Generation Y Conservative Podcast for the weeks of Dec 19th-30th
Topics include:
  • Jackie Evanko catches flak for singing at Trump’s inauguration
  • A Maine Gas distributor decides to not fuel those who voted Trump
  • Ivanka Trump is asked by artists to remove their painting from her home
  • Ivanka Trump is harassed on a JetBlue flight in front of her children
  • #RIPTomiLahren becomes a trending Twitter topic
  • Charlie Sheen wishes for Trump’s death in 2016
  • Study shows who of your friends (Democrat/Republican) are more unlikely to “Unfriend” you on social media
  • 18 year old Muslim woman caught faking new story she was attacked by Trump supporters pays the price
  • School removes a Pro-Life student group’s sign because “Someone” was offended
  • A family’s Christmas card causes “Global Controversy”
  • Steve Martin is attacked by feminists over his Carrie Fisher tweet calling her “Beautiful”
  • NAVY nixes plan to rename their ranks to rid it of the “man” titles
  • A California Liberal Secular mother/wife decides to leave the “tribe” to become a Christian Conservative because her party is that disconnected

The Generation Y Conservative Podcast #5

Week of 12/10/16 – 12/16/16
Topics this week include:
  • Photography student in Oregon does final project “#SignedByTrump”
  • Betsy Devos, Trump’s pick for Secretary of Education, plans to get rid of Common Core standards
  • Emmy Rossum, of the show “Shameless” is demanding equal pay to co-star William H Macy
  • Macy’s joins other companies in halting donations towards Planned Parenthood
  • Pro-life teacher is fired from a posh private high school for a minor comment based on his opinion
  • Starbucks has introduced a high end version of their coffee shop that sells coffee at $10/cup
  • “Fake News” becomes the headlines for major news outlets including the Muslim woman who was attacked on the train by Trump supporting males
  • Fake News story #2 – “Santa’s #1 Elf” story MAY turn out to be a fabricated story!
  • Cornell College Republican President, a female, is thrown to the ground after the election and called a “Racist bitch”
  • Teacher tells students the election of Trump is “An act of Terrorism”, then tries to “out” Trump supporting students and set the rest of the class against them.
  • Mitchio Kaku, world-renowned scientist, has said he has proven the existence of God
  • Lisa Edelstein reacts to Alan Thick’s death by posting a disgusting anti-Trump tweet
  • Podcast Topic: “Why it’s hard to be a Conservative and easy to be a Liberal”