The Generation Y Conservative Podcast #4

Week of 12/3/16 – 12/10/16
Topics this week include:
  • CNBC says 95 million aren’t included in the Jobs report anymore
  • 2,000 Veterans show up to Pipeline protest
  • Donald and Ivanka Trump meet with Al Gore and Leonardo Dicaprio on Climate Change
  • Amy Schumer will have a starring lead in a new Mattel Barbie movie
  • Liberal gets fired from his job for posting viscous hateful post about Gaitlinburg fire
  • Ohio Senate passes controversial abortion bill banning abortion after heartbeat is detected
  • France moves to ban Pro-Life websites
  • High School Principal flips out on Pro-Life protesters outside on school sidewalk
  • Millennials  can now pay $27,500/month for rehab to help become an adult
  • Illegal immigrant, who was deported 8 times, kills multiple people in a hit and run accident
  • Top homeless rates per city in the US and which party controls the city and state

What Say You?

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