The Generation Y Conservative Podcast #6

The Generation Y Conservative Podcast for the weeks of Dec 19th-30th
Topics include:
  • Jackie Evanko catches flak for singing at Trump’s inauguration
  • A Maine Gas distributor decides to not fuel those who voted Trump
  • Ivanka Trump is asked by artists to remove their painting from her home
  • Ivanka Trump is harassed on a JetBlue flight in front of her children
  • #RIPTomiLahren becomes a trending Twitter topic
  • Charlie Sheen wishes for Trump’s death in 2016
  • Study shows who of your friends (Democrat/Republican) are more unlikely to “Unfriend” you on social media
  • 18 year old Muslim woman caught faking new story she was attacked by Trump supporters pays the price
  • School removes a Pro-Life student group’s sign because “Someone” was offended
  • A family’s Christmas card causes “Global Controversy”
  • Steve Martin is attacked by feminists over his Carrie Fisher tweet calling her “Beautiful”
  • NAVY nixes plan to rename their ranks to rid it of the “man” titles
  • A California Liberal Secular mother/wife decides to leave the “tribe” to become a Christian Conservative because her party is that disconnected

The Generation Y Conservative Podcast #5

Week of 12/10/16 – 12/16/16
Topics this week include:
  • Photography student in Oregon does final project “#SignedByTrump”
  • Betsy Devos, Trump’s pick for Secretary of Education, plans to get rid of Common Core standards
  • Emmy Rossum, of the show “Shameless” is demanding equal pay to co-star William H Macy
  • Macy’s joins other companies in halting donations towards Planned Parenthood
  • Pro-life teacher is fired from a posh private high school for a minor comment based on his opinion
  • Starbucks has introduced a high end version of their coffee shop that sells coffee at $10/cup
  • “Fake News” becomes the headlines for major news outlets including the Muslim woman who was attacked on the train by Trump supporting males
  • Fake News story #2 – “Santa’s #1 Elf” story MAY turn out to be a fabricated story!
  • Cornell College Republican President, a female, is thrown to the ground after the election and called a “Racist bitch”
  • Teacher tells students the election of Trump is “An act of Terrorism”, then tries to “out” Trump supporting students and set the rest of the class against them.
  • Mitchio Kaku, world-renowned scientist, has said he has proven the existence of God
  • Lisa Edelstein reacts to Alan Thick’s death by posting a disgusting anti-Trump tweet
  • Podcast Topic: “Why it’s hard to be a Conservative and easy to be a Liberal”

The Generation Y Conservative Podcast #4

Week of 12/3/16 – 12/10/16
Topics this week include:
  • CNBC says 95 million aren’t included in the Jobs report anymore
  • 2,000 Veterans show up to Pipeline protest
  • Donald and Ivanka Trump meet with Al Gore and Leonardo Dicaprio on Climate Change
  • Amy Schumer will have a starring lead in a new Mattel Barbie movie
  • Liberal gets fired from his job for posting viscous hateful post about Gaitlinburg fire
  • Ohio Senate passes controversial abortion bill banning abortion after heartbeat is detected
  • France moves to ban Pro-Life websites
  • High School Principal flips out on Pro-Life protesters outside on school sidewalk
  • Millennials ┬ácan now pay $27,500/month for rehab to help become an adult
  • Illegal immigrant, who was deported 8 times, kills multiple people in a hit and run accident
  • Top homeless rates per city in the US and which party controls the city and state

The Generation Y Conservative Podcast #3

This podcast is a wrap-up of the political topics from the week of 12/2/2016
  • Fidel Castro Dies
  • Somali refugee goes stabbing rampage, brought down by a gun
  • Trump declares on Twitter that American Flag burners should face penalties
  • Twitter verifies a Muslim Brotherhood account but has shut down Milo Yiannopolous
  • Nancy Pelosi is reelected as Minority Leader in the House
  • Mark Walhberg tells celebrities to shut up about politics
  • New Jersey votes to allow retired police officers to be hired to protect schools
  • What programs or policies should have funding cut or reallocated?
  • Kansas sides with lesbian couple demanding sperm donor to pay child support
  • Buzzfeed glorifies crowdfunding to pay for womens’ abortions
  • Tomi Lahren appears for an interview with Trevor Noah on the Daily Show
  • Oregon schools ban Santa because he is too religious
  • Long time friend of Hillary Clinton says she is done with politics
  • Committee secretary regrets giving President Obama the Nobel peace Prize
  • Buzzfeed writer attacks HGTV’s Chip and Joanna Gaines for going to a church that believes in traditional marriage

The Generation Y Conservative Podcast #2

This podcast is a wrap-up of the political topics from the week of 11/25/2016

  • Trump’s cabinet picks including Secretary of Education, Ben Carson and Nikki Haley
  • Fabricated Trump Hate Crimes
  • California Secession – CalExit vs Texas Secession
  • Liberals praise Fashion Designer refuses to make dresses for incoming First lady, restaurant apologizes for hosting a white nationalist banquet and they can’t seem to see the hypocrisy as they continue to rail against small business owners of faith that fight to be able to choose not to cater same-sex weddings.
  • Hamilton cast v Mike Pence and all the fallout
  • Trump meets with the Press
  • Elizabeth Warren mocks Romney and Trump meeting, tells Romney to bring his “Notebook of women”